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Amon Amarth [SWE] - Twilight Of The Thundergod [2008] (Bonus DVD)

Friday, November 28, 2008



Live @ Summer Breeze Fest 2007

01 - Intro
02 - Valhall Awaits Me
03 - Runes to My Memory
04 - Cry of the Black Birds
05 - Asator
06 - Pursuit of Vikings
07 - Fate of Norns
08 - Without Fear
09 - With Oden on Our Side
10 - Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
11 - An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm
12 - Victorious March
13 - Death in Fire

.iso immage of Amon Amarth's "Twilight Of The Thundergod" bonus DVD.


Imagen .iso de del DVD bonus de "Twilight Of The Thundergod" de Amon Amarth.



avantgarterbelt said...
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avantgarterbelt said...

Hi Hexe- thanks for posting all of the great music. A couple of days ago in one of your polls, you had as one of the selections, "blog needs a male admin". I'm glad you took that one out. We ladies can blog just as well as any of the guys can, and you're doing a great job. Women rule the night, ya know! Love ya!

Firedancing Dragons Team said...

This blog NEVER had such option in ANY of its poles. Firedancing Dragons is composed by Three Admins and it's head is a WOMAN! none of the contributors/administrators supports gender-supremacy movement whatsoever.

We appreciate your comments and preference for this blog. However, we do not agree on the "fact" you mention about some "pole" we supposedly had.

Firedancing Dragons Team